The Website of Tibetan Buddhist Monk Khenpo Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden






This website is about:

Khen Rinpoche  Jangchup Choeden, a Tibetan Buddhist monk teacher.

Purpose of the web:

To help others through my knowledge and experience by educating people interested in Buddhism and who need Buddhist education but have no other access.

To provide core fundamental Buddhist teachings with modern touch.

To promote the teachings of Buddha synthesized through the analytical refining process re-discovered by Tsongkhapa.

To share the spiritual knowledge and experience I gained by living austere monastic life in the Gaden Shartse monastery as a monk student and an officer.

To teach how to make life more peaceful and harmonious through application of Buddhist ethical values.

To reach every level and age group of people, who really need Buddhist education and are willing to learn Buddhist values.  Information technology is another outstanding achievement of modern human society. This achievement has immense potential to contribute to the spiritual or inner improvement of human society. That's possible only if we use the technology available in our hand to promote millennium old wisdom of our elders, masters, scholars and saints


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