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A Brief General description on Mandala
Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle". Mandalas are  symbols of the Universe and its energy.

Tibetan monks create these archetypal templates to remind the cycle of birth, life, death, the path to eliminate them and the ultimate goal of Enlightenment. A Mandala has many layers of meaning, such as structural, symbolic, cosmic and support for meditation.


Over the Decades, Tibetan Sand Art has become a part of the western cultural landscape. Periodically, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and groups of Tibetan monks travel around the U.S, conducting initiations, healing ceremonies, creating Sand Mandalas, and performing traditional music and dance to bring attention to this ancient sacred geometric art and culture of Tibet.

Sand Mandala as an art brings new concept and opinion to art in western society and open doors to see beyond traditional definition of art, with values on innovation and self-expression. In Tibetan sacred ritual arts, the execution of the sand Mandala is considered to be more valuable than the originality.

In ancient times, in Tibet sand produced from grinding brightly colored stone was often used for making the Mandala. Today, white stones are ground and dyed with opaque water colors to produce the bright tones found in the sand paintings. The basic colors are white, black, blue, red, yellow, and green. Each of the basic colors: blue, red, yellow and green have three shades- dark, medium, and light, which makes a total of more then forty shades.

MANJUSHRI (Lord of Wisdom)

Lord Manjushri represents the wisdom of all enlightened beings. Lord Manjushri has several forms: White, Orange and Blue etc. Wearing the crown engraved with five Buddhas symbolize possessing supreme wisdom. By doing the practice of Lord Manjushri, one receives infinite blessings and accummulate inconceivably huge merits. Chanting his mantra "OM AH RA PA DZA NA DHI" with pure motivation and sincerity helps become wise, severe the ignorance, gain deep insight in the Dharma and worldly subjects. Practice of Manjushri is specially effective and appropriate for a person, who wishes to sharpen the intellect and be wise.

VAJRASATTVA (Lord of purification) 

Vajrasattva is great deity of purification in all levels of Tantric Buddhism. By doing practice of Vajrasattva and reciting "OM VAJRA SATTAV HUM" with pure motivation and strong devotion, one can remove layers of impurities and clean the mind stream, which will ultimately lead to freedom from cycles of action, which cause the endless suffering and unhappiness. Vajrasattva practice is especially effective in removing impurities and afflictions, so is the most suitable practice for one who seeks to purify the mind.


MEDICINE BUDDHA (Lord of healing power)

Medicine Buddha represents the healing power of enlightened beings. He is known as King of Medicine. Daily recitation of his mantra "TAYATHA OM BEKHAZE BEKHAZE MAHA BEKHAZE BEKHAZE RAJA SAMUGATE SOHA" with pure motivation and strong devotion protects from health problems, falling in lower realms, worldly dangers and untimely death.

The eight brothers of the Medicine Buddha group are not only very powerful in healing disease, but also to purify negativities of both alive and dead. Practice of Medicine Buddha is specially effective and appropriate for patients, doctors, therapists and the healers

The eight brothers of Medicine Buddha group are:

1 Renowned Glory of Excellent Signs;

2 King of Melodious Sound, Brilliant Radiance of Ability;

3 King of Immaculate Excellent Gold, Radiant Jewel Who Fulfills All His Vows;

4 King of Supreme Glory, Who Frees From All Suffering;

5 Melodious Ocean of Proclaimed Dharma;

6 King of Clear Light, He Who Totally Delights in Supreme Wisdom of the Ocean of Dharma;

7 Medicine Guru, King of Lapis Light.

8 Sage of Shakya clan.

AVALOKITESHVARA (Lord or compassion) 

Lord Avalokitesvara is personification of great compassion of all enlightened beings. He took special oath to listen to the cries of poor and destitute for help them. To fulfill the oath he appears into every necessary and suitable form to save beings from all kinds of sufferings. By reciting the mantra of Avalokiteshvara "OM MANI PADME HUM" with pure motivation to benefit others and strong devotion in him, one can purify layers of negative karma. Daily recitation of one thousand times result into blessings and protection for seven generations from falling in painful situation. Practice of Avalokiteshvara is specially effective and appropriate for person, who wishes to be compassionate and kind to other beings.

Other benefits of reciting the Avalokiteshvara mantra are; easily find place conducive for spiritual practice, always be in good circumstances, meet many virtuous friends, obtain a complete human body suitable to study and practice Dharma, always remain on the path of virtue, always lead morally correct life, always come across many kind and harmonious people, earn plenty of wealth and means of living, get protected and served by others, never face the danger of theft and robbery, get protected by powerful deities and wishes are fulfilled.


TARA (Goddess of accomplishing mission) 

Tara is manifestation of action aspect of enlightened beings, so she is most appropriate one to depend on for accomplish any virtuous mission. There are many inner obstacles of spiritual development, and the inner obstacles can cause to manifest external obstacles. To be successful in daily life and practice of spiritual path, we need to rely on a specialized enlightened being like Tara.

By doing practice of Tara and reciting her mantra "OM TARE TUTARE TURE SOHA" every day with pure motivation and strong devotion; one collects unimaginably great amount of merit, never falls in any painful circumstances, quickly attains the Enlightenment, receives blessings from enumerable Buddhas, gets the wishes related to health, wealth, business, job, having a child, etc fulfilled, and get protected from all kinds of danger.

Many-many eons ago, during the life time of Buddha Dundubhisvara, in the Universe Manifold Light. Princess named Moon of Wisdom-knowledge lived. She was very devote disciple of the Buddha and would do many offerings daily to the Buddha and His Sangha. Eventually, she generated bodhicitta, the aspiration to attain Great Enlightenment in order to benefit every living being. On knowing that, bhikshus of the Buddha urged her to dedicate the merits she accumulated by generating the bodhichita to get reborn as a man and attain Enlightenment. However, the princess rejected the advice, saying

Where there is no man, there is no woman,

No self, no person, and no consciousness.

Labeling "male" or "female" has no essence,

But deceives the evil-minded world.

Thus she vowed "Many aspire to achieve enlightenment in male body, no one wishes to achieve enlightenment in the form of woman. Therefore, until the samsara ends, I shall remain women and work to benefit beings"

AMITABHA (Buddha of infinite light)

Buddha taught that actually this world is pure, but as a result of our own 'stained' mind, to us it appears impure and unsatisfactory. Only if we manage to completely purify our mind, even for an instant, the world will appear pure and complete as it is. So, generally it is difficult to born in Pure land, coz it requires complete purification of the mental stains.

But, Buddha Amitabha's Pure land is an exception. Because of the special oath that he took and the power of his special prayers, just recitation of his mantra "OM AMI DEWA HRI" with strong devotion in him will result to born there. Once in the Buddha Amitabha's Pure land Sukhawati (Land of happiness), one can easily gain complete enlightenment. Buddha Amitabha's practice is specially effective and appropriate for person, who seeks to go to the Sukhawati and become enlightened


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